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Redaktor: Remigiusz Woniak   
Socio-Therapy Center for Maladjusted Youths realises two European projects: Comenius “European Green Club” and Grundtvig “Volunteer’s Passport”. It happens that the actions of these two projects harmonize. That situation happened in the half of October 2011 when our students went to the forest near Batw.

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On 15th October 2011 the trip to the forest in Maksymilianw near Batw was organised. 10 students participated in this trip and they were: Mateusz Borowiecki, Pawe Karpa, Dawid Mizera, Konrad Gajda, Daniel Niedziela, Artur Matuszewski, Krzysztof Drosdek, Micha Gra and Patryk Go with their housemasters – Mrs Edyta Bielka and Mrs Monika Zikowska.

The students within the framework of the volunteering were collecting acorns which would be used to feed animals in winter. They were given to Mr Sobolak – the representative of the Hunting Circle “Muflon”.

The big attraction and a reward for the  boys was the campfire organized in riverside hostel of the circle. After roasting the sausages, eating together near the campfire and in a nice atmosphere we were talking about the trip. Mr Sobolak shared with us some interesting stories from the hunting life. The boys listened to him with interest and they asked a lot of questions.

Micha Gra from II grade described the trip in the following way:

“On  15th of October 2011 we left Socio-Therapy Center for Maladjusted Youths with Mrs Edyta Bielka and Mrs Monika Zikowska and we went to the forest in Maksymilianw near Batw. When we reached the place a forest ranger said where we could collect acorns and how much time should it take. We collected them for an hour and a half. Then the forest ranger organised a campfire with sausages for us. When we ate we came back to the centre.”

Translated by: Katarzyna Pajczkowska

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