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Redaktor: Remigiusz Woniak   

On 26th September 2011 - 11 students of Socio-Therapy Center for Maladjusted Youths went on a trip to Gutwin. The aim of the trip was cleaning the nearby forest. It’s a periodic trip within the framework of Comenius project – “European Green Club”.

During the previous school year we also cleaned the local forest which helped us to learn something about ecology. This time we were also collecting paper, bottles and plastic thrown by people. We realize that the way people behave causes unaesthetic nature appearance as well as a lot of damage. The forest ranger talked about his work during this trip. We learned about advantages of this job but also serious and dangerous aspects connected with it. People who work in forests are run the risk of ticks’ bites which are bearers of serious diseases. That is why the forest rangers are vaccinated against them every year. But this unpleasant events are compensated for a nice job. The forest ranger acquainted us with information linked with planting trees, leaves and mushrooms growth. He also talked how to distinguish mushrooms from toadstools.

Personally the most interesting story for me was about animals and insects inhabited in the forest. The forest ranger also said that you can also see animals which are untypical for this area in forests near Ostrowiec w. These migrations are caused by people and their harmful activities. You can run across moose and bisons here.

After these fascinating stories and hard work we went to ecological niche where we roasted sausages. We promised that we don’t allow to litter forests by other people. We certainly won’t do this because we know how difficult work is cleaning the forest.

Author: Kacper Hanus (3rd class)

Translated by: Katarzyna Pajczkowska

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