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Redaktor: Remigiusz Woniak   
On 4th October 2011 the trip to Sandomierz took place. 5 students of our center and housemasters Boena Dbrowska and Micha Kwiatkowski participated in it. The aim of the trip was to know the beauty of the nature, tourist and landscape virtues of Sandomierz and a nearby area. Our purpose is related to the realization of our Comenius project titled “European Green Club” and is connected with sightseeing this charming and old city. They join historical, natural, geographical aspects and those which refer to Polish studies.

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For our learners this experience became a vivid and attractive lesson during which they visited the House of Jan Dugosz, Courtyard of Royal Castle, Cathedral Basilica, Opatowska Gate, legendary dungeons from XV century. These monuments are an appreciable proof not only Poland’s splendor but also its turbulent history. The guide talked about Sandomierz in an interesting way. He also joined legends with facts while he talked about the famous Knight Zawisza Czarny and Furta Dominikaska also called Ucho Igielne. The students also participated in an unique cruise on the Wisa river and visited the most popular place where people can go for a walk – Queen Jadwiga’s ravine. This ravine is overgrown by lush flora, which is composed of 397 species. However, in the variety of flora on The Pieprzowe Mountains there can be found a lot of relic and rare insects. That is why, the research is conducted in this field.

The last stage of the trip was sightseeing the Church of St. James – one of the first brick structures.

The trip to Sandomierz was a big experience for our students who don’t have many possibilities to become acquainted with history of Poland in such a condensed form. This is one of the oldest cities of our country which puts together all the elements of our history, nature and geography in natural environment.

For our students glorious nature is not only connected with an aesthetic impression by watching beautiful sights but also a reminder of transience various plants’ and animals’ species. This induces us to take care of natural environment in order to be happy and rest in the open outdoors. 

Author: Boena Dbrowska

Translated by: Katarzyna Pajczkowska

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