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Redaktor: Remigiusz Woniak   
On 13th October 2011, 10 students of Socio-Therapy Center for Maladjusted Youths with housemaster Jacek Pajk rode their bikes to Janik in order to visit Janik Waste Neutralising Factory. Mr Roman Grudzie welcomed us and showed round the factory.

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The whole group was stopped at the balance when they arrived at the factory. It turned out that the whole group of students with their bikes weighed 840 kilogrammes. Mr Grudzie took us to the rooms where white and coloured glass is sorted. In the other room we saw how to sort waste paper which is classified as cardboard, grey and coloured press and plastic bottles type “pet”. He also showed us a place where the dog-house will be built. There was a huge engine called “Komposter” which is used to sort from waste fraction enriched with organic waste. It will be neutralised during the process of mechanical and biological processing of waste. Afterwards we saw the technology of composting green waste from the city area in the piles. The goal of the compost facility is to produce fertilizer which will improve soil properties. The man said that this kind of storage improves disintegration and produces high temperature. Nearby there were also segregated such things as plastic waste, for example, car pieces, metal and rubber. Then, the man led us to the room where seizure and neutralization of landfill gas in chimney’s torch took place.  We were informed that more than 100 cubic metres of gas is extracted from the dump which takes 2 hectares of area per day and night. The best part of the trip was going downhill on various things which we found (carrier bags, foil bags) from the slope of waste pile which was covered with a special carpet. Other employees gave us a surprise and in groups of two drove us excavators around the dump. One of our friends had an opportunity to drive caterpillar bulldozer. When our trip drew near the end we said goodbye to Mr Roman Grudzie and we came back to our center. This trip realised us how much litter people produce.

Translated by: Katarzyna Pajczkowska


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