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Poland, officially The Republic of Poland – a country situated in Central Europe on the Baltic Sea. It borders on Germany (to the west), the Czech Republic and Slovakia (to the south), Ukraine, Lithuania and Belarus (to the east) and Russia (to the north). It also shares the sea border with Denmark and Sweden. 
Several theories explain the origins of the name Poland. One of them implies that the name comes from a tribe called Polanie , another one says that the area inhabited by the tribe was called polna ziemia which translates as field grounds. Thus, the name Poland came into being and was started to be used in reference to the whole country in 11th century.

National colours and emblem of Poland.

  • According to Polish Constitution, white and red are the national colours. The Emblem Bill says that white and red represent the Republic of Poland and they are two horizontal stripes of the same width placed one on the other, where the upper one in white and the lower one is red.
  • Polish Constitution states that the emblem of the Republic of Poland is a depiction of a white eagle against a red background. It is assumed that it is a white-tailed eagle. Late in 1989 the emblem presenting a crowned eagle was officially reinstated. The earliest depiction of the crowned eagle can be found on Bolesaw Chrobry’s denars.  
  • The official national anthem of Poland is, since 26 February 1927, Dbrowski’s Mazurek . The author of its lyrics is Jzef Wybicki. The composer of the melody remains unknown.

Authors: Ewa Bukaa, Zdzisaw Klusek 

(pupils from I class , gymnasium)
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