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Redaktor: Remigiusz Woniak   
Since September 2010 in Socio-Therapy Center for Maladjusted Youths in Ostrowiec w. the Comenius project is realised. It is called “European Green Club”. Its main goal is to increase ecological awareness among participants of the project and undertake the activities related to environmental protection in favour of local community.

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Socio-Therapy Center for Maladjusted Youths from Ostrowiec w. cooperates with schools from France, Spain, Romania, Turkey, Great Britain and Italy during this educational project. This time the meeting was planned from 8th till 13th February 2012 in Die in France. Polish delegation took part in this meeting: Zdzisaw Klusek, Krystyna Szczygie and Remigiusz Woniak.

The official meeting started in a local school and was held by a headmaster of Secondary school. Our headmaster and at the same time a coordinator of the project gave him an occasional       T-shirt and a mug made by polish students within the framework of “European Green Club”. After the ceremonial beginning of the meeting and an official group photo it was the time for sightseeing the school. This activity was guided by French students. It turned out that about 700 students from all over France attend this school. The students can use different science profiles such as circus, sport (speleology, skiing and mountain canoeing). Programme’s representatives from Ostrowiec w. participated in a model lesson. At the end of the lesson they answered the questions connected with an activity of Polish center asked by a very curious French students.

When the time came for presentations of our achievements within the framework of “European Green Club” it turned out that the students  from Die had a lot to offer to international participants of the programme. They presented French educational system, sport achievements  and achievements in a range of nature as a summary during Environmental Protection Day. They also proposed the trips to Pepignan and Borne – art land which were to everybody liking.

A very important point of the programme was opening compost facility. It was created by students of a local school belonging to Nature Club. Its goal is to process waste from school canteen which will be used as a natural fertilizer in the school’s garden.

There was also time for presentation of the project’s enterprises prepared by individual countries. Most of the coordinators presented their achievements using multimedia presentations. However, Socio-Therapy Center for Maladjusted Youths prepared a film which showed ecological activities realized by the students. The presentation of Polish activities contained 3 films in which all enterprises conducted by students of our centre were presented.

An innovative idea of creating a film as a summary of the actions undertaken by Polish participants within the framework of the project was accepted enthusiastically by representatives of other countries. This idea became an inspiration for other representatives of “European Green Club” to create a film at the end of the programme which would be a summary of the institutions’ work from Poland, France, Spain, Romania, Turkey, Great Britain and Italy.

A very important issue of the visit was sightseeing “I’herbier du Diois” in Chatillon in Diois where aromatic extracts on the basis of herbs, also from our country, are produced. It is an ecological farm which also produces electric current for its needs and local places.

There was also time for admiring monuments in Die. It turned out that the guide is Irishman whose wife is Polish. This was a nice surprise which let us to feel more domestically in common Europe. In this city there are lots of monuments coming from Roman and Celtic times which were admired by everyone.

Apart from spiritual and intellectual experience the organisers provided the participants of the visit with unforgettable taste impression during the meal tasting in an organic restaurant Tchaï Walla in Die. There are served meals prepared only from local products.

Rangers organised a meeting where vultures live. Thanks to binoculars we could watch how feeding these animals is done. These animals eat mainly carrion.

Being in France and in such a city you cannot miss the most known in the whole country cellar called “Jaillance” where the oldest sparkling white wine is produced.

The culminating point of our visit was the meeting in a nearby village called Laval d’Aix where the concert performed by the teachers and their friends.

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