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From 3rd to 7th March 2013 the representation of Socio-Therapy Centre for Maladjusted Youths participated in the meeting within the framework of Grundtvig project. The representation included the following people Boena Dbrowska, Magorzata Kraus, Zdzisaw Klusek and parents of our students – Renata Sosnowska, Iwona Kosmala, Katarzyna ebek, Anna Misiak.

The fourth international meeting took place in Great Britain, more precisely at a primary school in Selby. The participants were invited by parents from this school.

The aim of the meeting was deepening the cooperation with parents and sharing the experience  connected with voluntary work and the parents’ role in a modern school. The guests could visit the school and its surroundings. They also participated in all activities and lessons during the first day of the visit. They observed, among other things, English, History, Physical Education, Science and Maths lessons. There were also meetings with teachers and a group of parents of English children. These parents organise all of the most important, cultural events at school such as celebrations and additional extracurricular activities.

During the meeting the partial report, connected with the action taken up to date of all of the teams participating in the project, was presented. The Polish team described specification of the activities in multimedia version (two presentations) and the flyer showing the aims and ways of activities realized within the framework of Grundtvig project – “Volunteer’s Passport”. All of the participants received a DVD with the activities which were realised by Polish school. Achievements during the realisation of the project were also presented by teachers and volunteers from Romania, England and Spain. During the meeting two years of the work and the effects which were achieved during the project in each institution were summarised.

During the visit we were acquainted with the educational system which is obligatory in Great Britain. We also took part in the meeting with the students, parents and teachers from primary school. During the discussion a lot of questions were asked. These questions were connected with Polish educational system, our centre, its organization, work methods and therapeutical effects. Moreover, the discussions, referring to the realisation of the project took place. A souvenir snapshot finished the meeting.

On the next day of the visit the meeting with municipal authorities of Selby happened. The meeting was organised in a registered office of local authorities with the participation of mayor and town  councilmen.  The hosts talked about the success and problems of this 16 thousandth town. One of the town’s  councilman told about the history and curiosities linked with Selby which were also presented as Power Point presentation. The chairman of the board said that in the 1980s of the XIX century in Selby the new game was invented – table tennis. At the beginning, the game was popular among those of noble birth and rich English. Now, it is very popular among the students of Socio-Therapy Centre for Maladjusted Youths too.

Polish participants presented the most important information about our centre and Ostrowiec witokrzyski. Town councilmen received small gifts, gadgets and brochures in English connected with Poland and Ostrowiecka Land.

The hosts also showed us the biggest monuments linked to cultural and historical heritage of Selby. The town is situated by the river Uose where, in the nineties, the small sea-going vessels were built. The most important point of the sightseeing tour was the visit in the medieval cathedral which is pride of the inhabitants. A lot of Englishmen work as volunteers . They do small cleaning works and they work in tourism. A few teachers, parents, grandparents of the English students are volunteers and show the cathedral to the tourists. One of the curiosity related to this cathedral is a coat of arms of George Washington’ s ancestor, the first president of the United States of America. The red stars and stripes (from the coat of arms of the family of the later president) are considered as inspiration for the USA flag. The coat of arms of Washington’s family is presented in a stained-glass window from XV century. During the visit we also saw York and one of the biggest cathedrals of medieval Europe – York Minster.

To sum up, the visit at English school was a new, interesting and instructive experience and an opportunity to learn about cultural heritage of this part of England.

Translated by Katarzyna Pajczkowska

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