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A Visit to the Museum of History and Archeology in Czstocice PDF Drukuj Email
Redaktor: Ewa Bukaa, Cezary Surmaski   
          On 18 May the pupils of MOS, assisted by Ewa Buakaa and Cezary Sumaski, took part in a trip to the Museum of History and Archeology in Czstocice. On the arrival, we were welcomed by Waldemar Brociek, the curator, who outlined the plan of the tour for us. He showed us around the park, told about the history of the place and archeological digs around the museum where remains of a Roman settlement were once found. 
Next, we started the tour around the museum. At the beginning the guide told us about the origins of the town, its founders, and history. We saw the family memorabilia of the original owners of Ostrowiec, numerous photos showing how the town and lives of its inhabitants looked many years ago. We also got familiar with old town plans and former names of the streets. The guide took a lot of time to present the life of Jews who used to live in Ostrowiec. He presented the basics of Jewish religion and customs, their occupations and relationships with the Polish. We saw a very interesting exhibition devoted to Ostrowiec Jews which included a roll of Tora, vessels used for washing the body before the prayers and pictures of an old synagogue and house of prayers. The museum also houses old photographs of the most interesting spots in town, its monuments and places connected with culture and history. Finally, we learnt about the beginnings and the activity of Ostrowiec Steelworks, the largest industrial plant in the region, which greatly affected the development of the town and lives of many citizens. 

The trip to the museum was a very educational experience which gave us a chance to take in insight into how people used to live in the past in Ostrowiec.

Authors: Ewa Bukaa, Cezary Surmaski, pupils from gymnasium.

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