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Image Modzieowy Orodek Socjoterapii (Socio - Teraphy Center for Maladjusted Youths) has been active since 2005. MOS was establish on the bases of SOSW which dates back to 1983. Our activities are focus on educational offer addresses to pupils upper grades of primary school and gymnasium suffering from behavior disorder. The main objective of our work is to diagnose pupils and reeducation. We teach them how to behave in stressful situations, function in the society. Apart from special classes like socio therapy, Aggression Replacement Training, individual psychology therapy, we offer a number of post school activities, extra activities which concentrate on art and sport activities.
Pupils are over active, with behavior disorder, they do not want to attend indoor classes. For this reason we want to base our way of teaching on personal experience as much as possible. It does not concern trips but also what is important preparing lessons in an active and unconventional way often outside the premises of the institution. (tourism, painting, photography).

Unacceptable behavior our pupils greatly results from negligence of the parents. The low level of education, permanent unemployment, luck of parental knowledge, poverty, alcoholism, are just a few reasons for maladjustment of pupils. Luck of positive pattern to follow in their families is reflected in their behavior. Both our pupils and parents show symptoms of learned helplessness and inherit poverty. After placing their children in the institution they feel released from the responsibility of the child’s upbringing. They wrongly believe that tutors “coup with for them with difficult stage of personal and emotional development of the child. They do not regard themselves as those who should meet the most basic psychological demands of children. The greatest paradox of this situation is the fact, that they justify themselves ( I did what I should done) – the child is in an institution so feel comfortably in the institution, they do not want to improve ourselves.

Program of working with parents, is the best answer to the needs, which we have been aware of for years. It is a chance to activate parents at the same time get them closer to the child. We believe putting this project in to practice, would make our facility the place could fulfill various functions. Apart from education it would help build the feeling of responsibility for the situation and build close-knit community. In our opinion the fact the children would see (observe) their parents gaining new skills would be beneficial from family bonds and would definitely affect the above mention.
Statistic over view of the background of our students and parents:

This is the background of students in numbers:
  • 52 % come from families where alcohol is abuse by both parents, who are unemployed, their main income come comes from welfare benefit or illegal sources.
  • 26 % children grew up outside the family (in orphanages) foster families, parents are incapable of looking after the children, homeless, unemployed, ex-convicts)
  • 17% broken families, concubinage, concubine, divorced,
  • 5 % without symptoms of pathology.
Statistics (numbers) shows that majority of the parents demand very specific support and correctional and therapy activities, in order to become integral part of our society, as well as responsible parents. During the first period we have provided psychological assistance to 15 – 25 adults. As our technical abilities are limited it is impossible to offer help to everyone who needs. (require).

The main obstacle are: large distance, distant place of residence, the luck of permanent of residence. Our facility offers the following kinds of assistance:
  • frequent home visits in order to diagnose needs and adjust the kind of help to the actual need of clients.
  • Individual therapeutic meeting, provide psychological support;
  • Helping to deal with offices matters, formalities, writing application letters, letter of compliments;
  • Inviting parents to facility for various celebrations;
  • Cooperating with welfare institutions, financial support, benefit;
  • Educate parents to fulfill their parental duties;

As it has already been mention our students in majority come from pathological families environment, lack basic social skills, socially excluded. They tend to be uninterested in children and their needs and that why our teachers pay home visits, we assisting them to facility. We are planning to expand our educational and therapeutic activities for adults by offering the English course and ICT course, social ability education.
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