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Redaktor: Magdalena Jasiak, Zdzisaw Klusek   
1. Learning social skills: asking for help, giving advice, persuade (convince), learning your own emotions, expressing emotions, dealing with emotions of others, dealing with fear, anxiety, self control, defending your right, avoid problems with others, learning how to refuse, reaction to persuasion, reaction to failure, helping others, empathy training, how to control anger, The basic methods are: roles play, self learning presentation, workshop methods, psychodrama methods, positive attitude, self perception,
2. Developing positive self – esteem and insight, writing your own CV, activating parents professionally, searching for employment, promoting active employment among parents, using Internet as a useful tool in job searching, searching for job by the Internet, employment office, job office, by searching for employment outside the local job market.

3. Overcoming barriers and stereotypes, job placement tests, job advisor, job counsellor, job prospects, consequently the participants are encourage to raise their professional skills by joining relevant courses organized by job centers.

4. Computer courses, language courses.

5. Parents education: lectures, classes about the reason of aggressive behavior, problems of adolescence and ADHD, behavior and learning problems,
Program of working with Parents

Teach social competence:
Beginning Social Skills

  • Starting a conversation
  • Having a conversation
  • Asking a question
  • Saying thank you
  • Introducing yourself
  • Introducing Others People
  • Giving a compliment

Advance Social skills:
  • Asking for help,
  • Joining in.
  • Giving Instructions
  • Following instructions
  • Apologizing
  • Convincing others

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