Important places in witokrzyski Region. Sanctuary of the Holy Cross
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The legend has it that Benedictian abbey was founded by Bolesaw Chrobry in 1006 A.D. In the 14th century it assumed the name Holy Cross. The sanctuary boasts to host the relic of the Holy Cross on which Jesus Christ died. This fact was a reason for countless pilgrimages which made the sanctuary one of the most important ones in Poland. During its long history, the abbey has been damaged and plundered several times. It was only thanks to generous founders and sponsors that it managed to be restored. In 1819 the buildings of the abbey were taken over by the State Treasury of the Polish Crown. Currently, part of the building hosts the novitiate of the Missionary Oblates. The post-benedictian abbey includes a square-shaped complex of monastery buildings from the 14th and 15th century together with a garth, gallery, early Baroque chapel of the Oleniccy and late-Baroque-classical church. The west, early-Baroque wing hosts now the Museum of Nature and Forest, and the eastern part of the complex consists of a Baroque belfry and the 17th century gate.

Authors: Ewa Bukaa, Zdzisaw Klusek 

(pupils from II A, II B , gymnasium)