Leaflet about institutions participating in PARCOP project
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Image Socio - Teraphy Center for Maladjusted Youths for children with bad behavior and learning problems) in Ostrowiec witokrzyski (Poland)provide education for this children. Socio - Teraphy Center for Maladjusted Youth has 72 pupils, works with them 12 educators, tutors in boarding –school and 14 teachers in Primary School, Gimnasium - in one building. We work out projects for disadvantaged groups, countering under – achievement at school and preventing exclusion.
Particular attention is given to addressing the needs of person with ADHD. We develop and test together methods and approaches in such areas as prevention of conflicts and violence in our school, flexible and personalized teaching methods. Socio - Teraphy Center for Maladjusted Youths places particular emphasis on the key role of the school education in preparing young people for adult life in a rapidly changing world. We have 12 computers and internet. We are responsible for providing knowledge and skills for pupils from socio – economic disadvantaged background , helping them to develop learning strategies. We train pupils to behave in a way that is acceptable in the society. Promoting equal opportunities and combating all forms of exclusion are important objectives of Socio - Teraphy Center for Maladjusted Youths. Age of pupils: 12-18 years old.
School type : Teraphy Center for Maladjusted Youths with a large number of pupils from pathological families and orphanages – threatened by social exclusion and poorly educated.
European projects experience:

 Start Year Type of Action Agreement numberTitle of the projectr 
 2004-2007 Socrates Comenius 06/PRS/06-0118/P3
 2007-2009 Grundtvig 07/GR-LP/07-0166/P1

Our key objectives for European cooperation are to:
Share good practice, develop curricular links with our partners, to establish cultural links and exchanges between the partners, to further develop the use of the internet to support learning, promote inclusion.


Os Gémeos- Cooperativa de Solidariedade Social, CRL ortugal, Lisbon

 Os Gémeos- Cooperativa de Solidariedade Social, CRL, is located at Portugal, region of Lisbon and Tagus valley, county of Loures and local county of Apelação. It is a private non profit organisation with the status of “Private Institution of Social Solidarity/ IPSS” which through the national law means having a certified commitment to social intervention and development.

The activities are:
  1. Kindergarten for children from 3 to 12 months (7), from 13 to 24 months (8) and 25 to 36 months (15);
  2. Pre-school for children from 3 to 6 years old (24);
  3. Study room for children from 7 to 11 years old (15);
  4. Youth club for young people from 12 to 16 years old;
  5. Parents learning centre for social, cultural, leisure, education and training activities for institution and community,
  6. Communitarian services for catering, social events organisation services.
Gémeos.crl was born in September 2006, by a social entrepreneurship project in approval process, allowing an investment of about 175.000 Euros with total expected national subvention of 1about 135.000 Euro, creating eleven permanent jobs.
The actual number of pupils is 67; the internal staff has 3 educators, 4 auxiliaries, 1 cooker and manager; the external assessors are 1 social worker and a local development agent.
It is member of the UCTA- Union of Cooperatives of Associated Work, a national organisation and multi- sectors cooperatives union; is also member affiliated at county social network.
Romania, Bucharest

School no.10 Maria Rosetti is a public school, placed in a district of Bucharest with a stable population formed mostly by middle-class and poor families. Besides Romanian children, other children of different nationalities learn in our school : Rom, Jews, Hungarians, Arabians. Among these, there are other children of refugees from the Moldavian Republic and some Asian countries.
The employers of the school are : 44 teachers, 12 administrative person, one medical cabinet with a doctor and a nurse.

 Start Year Type of Action Agreement numberTitle of the projectr 
Comenius School project
"European cultural patrimony"
 2004-200Comenius Development project
 2005-2008 Comenius School project
 05 –PS-303- B-RO
 Our home, europe
 2005-2006 Comenius Language project 05-PL-97-B-IT
 "European citizen yesterday, teoday, tomorrow"
 2006-2007 Comenius Development project 06-PD-22-B-NL2007 European competencies
 2004-2007 Comenius 3 114363-CP-1-2004 -1-ES-COMENIUS-C3 ISTRA "improving students reading abilities"