Parental inquiry report
Redaktor: Magdalena Jasiak Zdzisaw Klusek   
1. Between 1th of November 2007 and 8th of Marc 2008 school advisor and psychologist conducted 30 inquiries with parents within district of Ostrowiec.

2. From 30 families , potentially suitable ones for the Grundtvig program, 15 were naturally chosen. The main criterium to qualified was declaration of participation (willingless to be part of this project) , and distance from the institution.
3. In all 30 cases, apart from home visits, acted In cooperation with the Police, court, welfare centre, court counselor, in order to gather as much information about families as possible.

4. In some cases during the inquiry a Police officer was preset, to ensure the safety of tutors from MOS. For example the parents, who had been released from prison after the serving the sentence for murdering his wife. In the opinion of police officer he is potentially dangerous. Other cases include: people who are aggressive, mentally unstable, were the presence of witness namely police was necessary.

5. In most cases, luck of parental abilities, successive, habitual helplessness, acquired acquire new skill, attitude of acquired helplessness, passiveness, social and professional passiveness, reluctance – niech, Often problem include: luck of social skills, alcohol abuse, emotional disorder, violence in family,

6. The main forms of help, assistance, (based on diagnosis) which were prepared. The parental inquiries resulting the following forms of helps activities: including the participants, in integration activities, offering psychological assistance, teaching, social skill, which use full in the process of finding of work.